.45 Mars Long Automatic Pistol

weapon (ranged)

base – damage – range – att – rnds – HP – mal
15% 2d6+2 30yds 1 8 12 94


This pistol, sometimes known as the Webley-Mars, was built by Webley and Scott and designed by Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax. Only about eighty pistols were ever actually built, between 1897 and 1905.

The .45 Mars Long Automatic Pistol is noted for being the most powerful handgun in the world for a time. It used a unique long recoil rotating bolt action which ejected spent cartridges straight to the rear.

The Mars Automatic Pistol was rejected by the British War Office as a possible replacement for the Webley & Scott Revolver, then in service with the British Army, because of the unacceptably large recoil, considerable muzzle flash, and mechanical complexity. The captain in charge of tests of the Mars at the Naval Gunnery School in 1902 observed, “No one who fired once with the pistol wished to shoot it again”. Shooting the Mars pistol was described as “singularly unpleasant and alarming”.

.45 Mars Long Automatic Pistol

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